Whether a county is contemplating public financing options, developing infrastructure, engaging in construction, entering into interlocal agreements with other counties and cities, defending against lawsuits, or holding critical elections, Bickerstaff attorneys have years of experience assisting counties in handling such matters and meeting their objectives.

Bickerstaff provides both general and special counsel services on all legal issues faced by Texas counties. Serving the needs of small and large counties requires a variety of expertise that is best provided by attorneys who understand the full extent of governmental authorities and responsibilities. Bickerstaff offers an experienced group of governmental attorneys that advises counties in all areas of public law, including:

General Representation of Counties, including representing clients with enforcement, courts and jails, taxation, indigent health care, employment matters, and representing clients at meetings and special events as requested;

Open Government Law, including training, advising, and defending on issues involving adequacy of notice, executive sessions, and many other questions faced by county governments;

Public Finance, including interpreting relevant legislation; advising on financing mechanisms, conduit financing, public securities law, and related legislation; and serving as bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel, and issuers counsel;

Economic Development, including assisting with tax abatement matters, tax increment financing, creation of special entities for economic development purposes, sales tax elections, and use of revenue;

Land Use and Development, including negotiating and drafting complex development and economic development agreements; and providing assistance regarding private/public partnerships for economic development, affordable housing, “smart growth” development, environmental conservation, and historic preservation;

Employment Issues, including assisting county HR personnel with their personnel policy manuals, employee discipline, complaints, terminations of employment and workplace investigations. We also defend counties in lawsuits claiming violations of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Texas Labor Code, Family Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Texas Whistleblower Act and Constitutional rights;

Transportation, including analyzing and implementing locally controlled transportation projects through alternative funding sources, regional mobility authorities, pass-through toll projects, and international toll bridge projects;

Construction Law, including drafting and negotiating contracts, advising on procurement and bidding issues and bid protests; and advising on insurance and performance bond issues, and litigation matters as necessary;

Elections, including drafting election orders, canvasses, and notices; establishing and mapping election precincts; identifying and securing polling locations, determining ballot styles; ordering ballots and other supplies and materials, translating elections materials into Spanish; coordinating joint elections; verifying signatures on a petition; supervising recounts or handling protests; obtaining DOJ preclearance; recruiting and training election officials; advising on election and campaign ethics requirements; and advising on public forum speech issues;

Elections Challenges, including preparing requests for recounts; and representing clients in judicial contests of election results and challenges to candidates’ qualifications;

District Creation and Legislative Representation, including assisting counties in the creation of various types of water districts, groundwater districts, and utility districts;

Litigation, including matters related to all the foregoing public law areas, among others.