Complex governmental litigation and counseling – Drawing on a background as the chair of the Texas Attorney General’s Opinion Committee, Bob has a background in significant issues involving the scope of government authority. He works with private and public entity clients on matters including open government, purchasing, ethics, regulatory actions, election law, and school law.

Election law and voting rights – Drawing on experience from four decennial redistrictings (1971-2001), Bob has assisted hundreds of governmental bodies adopt redistricting plans and obtain approval from the Department of Justice. He also defends governmental bodies whose election practices are challenged under the Constitution or the Voting Rights Act and represents candidates, governments, and other interested parties in election contests.

Administrative practice – A member of the original group of board-certified administrative law attorneys, Bob represents persons and corporations in proceedings before state agencies and in appealing agency decisions in the courts.

Representative Experience

Voting Rights. Developed imaginative theory to permit city election to proceed notwithstanding a Department of Justice objection to the city’s redistricting plan and successfully defended it before the district court, the Fifth Circuit, the United States Supreme Court and against a collateral attack brought by the Department of Justice in a three-judge federal district court. Was lead counsel in the case that established the Fifth Circuit rule requiring the use of citizen-voting-age population in assessing the viability of claims brought under section 2 of the Voting Rights Act. Successfully defended school district’s at-large election system by establishing post-census population changes that undercut the basis of the plaintiffs’ case. Then defended the decision in the Fifth Circuit and persuaded the United States Supreme Court not to hear the case despite the United States Solicitor General’s request that it do so. Represented clients in numerous other court cases and before the Department of Justice, both in written submissions and negotiation with the top levels of the Department’s Civil Rights Division and Voting Section.

Election Contest and Recounts. Successfully represented clients in election contests for offices including the United States Congress, the Texas House of Representatives, and the county commissioners court. Counseled clients in recounts and was a representative at the recount for offices ranging from the United States Senate to chief justice of a court of appeals.

Administrative Proceedings. Represented clients in numerous contested case proceedings involving certificates of need, certificates of convenience and necessity, and licenses. Commented on agency rules and challenged rules in state court, including a challenge of stringent emission requirements on behalf of the nation’s airlines.

Open Government and Ethics. Represented numerous clients before the Attorney General on open records issues. These include successfully preventing the release of private equity funds’ sensitive financial information. One of these cases was in a ruling in which the Attorney General found that Bob’s client was the only one of ten private equity funds covered by the decision that established its right to withhold the information from public disclosure. Represented clients in open records and open meetings cases in courts ranging from the district court to the Texas Supreme Court. Advises a multi-national corporation on ethics filing issues.

Complex Governmental Litigation. Obtained an injunction against a federal agency to prevent it from closing a loan for a utility district when the effect of the loan would be to prevent the firm’s client, a city, from providing water service to the area for the 40-year term of the loan. Successfully defended a state agency’s decision not to license an individual. The agency’s licensing decision had been overturned by the district court and the court of appeals. The firm was hired after the adverse decision in the court of appeals and persuaded the Supreme Court to take the case and unanimously to reverse the lower courts.

Former Chair, Opinion Committee, Office of the Attorney General of Texas

Former Briefing Attorney, United States District Court, Western District of Texas

Texas Super Lawyers list, 2007-2020

Fellow, Texas Bar Foundation


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