International Law

Whether our clients are based in Texas or abroad, our firm’s attorneys have the legal experience, cultural knowledge, and language skills to provide our clients seeking international legal services the assistance they need. Our attorneys have first-hand experience working with United States, Mexican and Latin American entities, and we are available to assist foreign entities wishing to expand their businesses or grow relationships beyond their borders.

Our attorneys have experience representing clients involving the following international work:

Government Relations

Including negotiating with the Mexican state departments, transportation, customs, and immigration agencies on a wide range of issues, such as binational bridges, disposal of hazardous waste, and the protection of environmentally-sensitive areas;

Financing and Commerce

Including assisting with the securing and developing financing for international projects; resolving international commercial disputes; negotiating with local, state and federal agencies in the United States and abroad to obtain required governmental approvals; drafting and negotiating international construction contracts; and representing and assisting U.S. entities in developing strategic alliances abroad;

Binational Transactions

Including representing United States entities with business agreements, real estate documents, acquisitions and mergers, and franchises in Mexico; counseling U.S. clients regarding Mexican environmental and economic regulations; advising U.S. clients on obtaining required permits and certifications to conduct business in Mexico, advising our Mexican clients on legal matters involving administrative and public law, public utility regulation, telecommunications, energy, environmental regulation, insurance, state taxation, and alternative dispute resolution in the U.S., and to negotiating financing, investment, franchises, joint venture agreements, and other contracts for enterprises expanding into the U.S.