Annexation & Land Use

Bickerstaff has extensive experience in many aspects of land use regulation, land use development, and annexation. Our firm has represented cities, counties, school districts, community colleges, and other public entities in the annexation or acquisition of property for a variety of purposes. Our annexation and land use services include:

Land Use and Development

Including assisting clients in connection with private/public partnerships for economic development, affordable housing, “smart growth” development, environmental conservation, downtown revitalization, and historic preservation; representing clients in the negotiation and drafting of numerous complex development and economic development agreements; and assisting clients in zoning, subdivision regulation, annexation, the regulations of signs, wireless communication towers, and nuisance matters;

Land Use Regulation

Including advising clients on drafting, interpreting, and applying zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations; counseling clients on planning regarding annexation of territory, and drafting ordinances, orders, rules, and resolutions regulating nuisances (e.g., signs, landscape, fireworks, lighting, and junk vehicles); handling subdivision regulation issues in rural areas over which our county clients have exclusive authority; assisting city clients with 380 agreements and counties with venue projects and 381 projects; and handling matters of common concern to cities and counties, including negotiations between these local governments regarding their conflicting subdivision regulating authority in cities’ extraterritorial jurisdictions;


Including advising and representing clients in the annexation of adjacent territories; and assisting our legislative clients in seeking legislative amendments relating to the annexation process.