General Counsel

Bickerstaff provides general counseling and outside counseling services to public and private entities, including counties, water districts, school districts, and corporations. We have represented numerous small and large public and private entities as outside general counsel throughout the State. We provide valuable insight to our clients seeking experienced and knowledgeable general counsel. Our representation includes:

General Representation of Counties

Including advising our county clients on fundamental county functions such as law enforcement, courts and jails, taxation, indigent health care, and employment matters; counseling county clients on open meetings and open government; assisting counties with employment matters; advising clients on ethics issues; counseling counties on voting rights and election issues; assisting clients with annexations; advising clients on redistricting; attending meetings and special events; and advising clients in intellectual property matters;

General Counsel to Other Public Entities

Including counseling public entities in employment matters; assisting clients with ethics issues; advising public clients in open records and open meetings matters; assisting clients in general and specific industry-related litigation; advising public entities on voting rights issues and elections; assisting clients with annexations and redistricting; advising clients on contracts and leases; and assisting clients in intellectual property matters;

General Counsel to Private Entities

Including advising clients in connection with the formation of numerous Texas limited liability companies, including the preparation of the documents required to form the entities and to make them operational; assisting clients in creating numerous general and limited partnerships, including oil and gas partnerships and other specialized partnership investment vehicles; advising clients in the formation of holding companies, reverse stock split transactions, and the formation of Delaware intermediate holding companies to mitigate state franchise tax burdens; advising clients in connection with the creation of a variety of non-profit corporations to be used to acquire and develop affordable housing and to obtain specialized federal tax-exempt status and state certification as a certified housing development organization for each entity; and counseling clients in intellectual property matters; among other areas.