Groundwater Conservation Districts

Bickerstaff is well known for its representation of water clients, including groundwater conservation districts (GCDs). We serve as general and special counsel to groundwater conservation districts. Our range of expertise includes:

Groundwater Regulations and Rights, including advising GCDs on regulatory compliance, enforcing rules, permitting; drafting and adopting district rules; fee structures; and contested and uncontested permit proceedings;

General Counsel and Outside Counsel, providing legal assistance on various matters, including employment, ethics issues, open records and open meetings, general and water-related litigation, voting rights, elections, annexations, and redistricting, contracts and leases; drafting and adopting rules and policies; preparing takings impact assessments; and scope of authority issues; and ad valorem taxation and financing;

District Creation and Legislative Representation, including representing entities before the TCEQ, and the Texas Legislature concerning the creation of GCDs.