Staying Connected During COVID-19

In the name of staying connected during these difficult and uncertain times, we have added direct-dial phone numbers for all of our attorneys, which you can find on the People page of our website, and also by clicking on the attorney bio pages (which can be accessed from the People page). A list is also included below. For general information, please click here or contact our Austin office at 512.472.8021.

Alejandro Acosta, Jr. 915.433.3389
Philip B. Arnold 512.404.7838
Cobby A. Caputo 512.404.7717
Douglas G. Caroom 512.404.7829
Denise V. Cheney 512.404.7765
Hector Delgado 915.540.5597
Bill Dugat 512.404.7860
Sydney W. Falk, Jr. 512.404.7839
Catherine Brown Fryer 512.404.7755
Vanessa A. Gonzalez 512.404.7742
C. Robert Heath 512.404.7821
Daniel J. Olds 512.404.7786
Joshua D. Katz 512.404.7716
Kimberly Grinnan Kelley 512.404.7753
Charles R. Kimbrough 512.404.7729
Kathryn A. Lumpkin 512.404.7725
Susan M. Maxwell 512.404.7768
David Méndez 512.404.7705
Manuel O. Méndez 512.404.7737
Gregory D. Miller 512.404.7762
Lori J. Robinson 512.404.7709
Emily Willms Rogers 512.404.7790
Claudia Russell 512.404.7870
Gunnar P. Seaquist 512.404.7708
Catherine Than 512.404.7793
Steven H. Weller 512.404.7862
Sherry McCall (GIS Specialist) 972.899.1783