Daniel Olds’s Statutory Interpretation Article Published in Texas Tech Law Review

BHDA litigation attorney Daniel Olds’s article “Ordinary Meaning, Context, and Textualism in Texas Statutory Interpretation” was published in the most recent edition (Vol. 52, No. 3) of the Texas Tech Law Review.

In the article, Mr. Olds explains that statutory interpretation is one of the most important issues in Texas law because there are now statutes that touch nearly every area of life. Furthermore, it examines how the Texas Supreme Court applies textualism, what disagreements exist on the Texas Supreme Court, and what those disagreements mean for the future of statutory interpretation in Texas. The full article can be accessed through the following link: Ordinary Meaning Context and Textualism

Mr. Olds is a frequent speaker and author on litigation issues. He has led multiple presentations to various audiences over the last year on the topic of statutory interpretation. In addition, he has  addressed the issue of restricted appeals and had an article on the subject published in the UNT Dallas Law Review’s ON THE CUSP in late 2019.