Daniel Olds’s Article Included in UNT Dallas Law Review

BHDA attorney Daniel Olds recently had his article “The Often-Overlooked Appeal: Restricted Appeals in Texas” published in the UNT Dallas Law Review.

In the article, Daniel addresses the requirements to file and prevail on a restricted appeal and provides discussion of recent case law surrounding restricted appeals. To read the full article, please click here.

Daniel Olds is an associate in the firm’s litigation practice group. His background includes working as an assistant attorney general with the Office of the Texas Attorney General and as an appellate attorney with the Texas Department of Public Safety. For more information about Daniel’s practice and experience, please click here.

The UNT Dallas Law Review includes a two different journals, On the Cusp and Accessible Law, both published online, with students serving as editors for articles written by other students, faculty members, and external authors.