Daniel Olds Writes Article for The Appellate Advocate

“The Jurisdiction of Texas Appellate Courts,” an article by BHDA attorney Daniel J. Olds, was included in the recent edition of The Appellate Advocate, a publication of the State Bar of Texas Appellate Section.

In the article, Mr. Olds examines three different jurisdictional issues that may arise in Texas appeals. He also covers how Texas appellate courts determine whether they have jurisdiction in a given case and how Texas notions of jurisdiction differ from those in federal courts. Click here to read more.

Mr. Olds is a member of the Firm’s litigation team and frequently writes about topics related to litigation and appellate issues. His article on restricted appeals was published in the UNT Dallas Law Review in late 2019; he also wrote an article on statutory interpretation for inclusion in the Texas Tech Law Review in the spring of 2020.