COVID-19 Client Update

During this time of uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus and the impact on our state and its political subdivisions, our firm’s promise is to remain a dedicated and steady partner for the entities and organizations we serve.

We know our clients are working incredibly hard to serve their constituents’ needs, keep vitally important services in operation, and respond appropriately to guidance at the state level. We are here and ready to help our clients with a wide variety of issues during these uncertain times, including answering questions and providing guidance with regard to:

  • Open meetings requirements, including meeting by telephone or video, and during times of emergency;
  • Open records requirements, including the ability to seek extensions;
  • Elections matters, including postponement;
  • Employment matters, including the ramifications of closing offices and paying employees;
  • Procurement matters, including emergency purchasing;
  • Contracting and the applicability of force majeure provisions, including when events or gatherings are postponed or cancelled;
  • Drafting emergency declarations and special resolutions;
  • Solicitation of available funding from state and federal authorities, particularly as local governments see increases in costs associated with coronavirus preparedness and related services;
  • Questions regarding the nexus between separate political subdivisions and their authority in times of crisis; and
  • All other matters affecting local governments in both normal and extraordinary circumstances.

During this time, we are fully operational and prepared to help our clients navigate these uncertain times. If we may be of assistance with any new or existing matters, please let us know.