BHDA to Attend Conference of Urban Counties

BHDA is set to attend the 2018 Conference of Urban Counties’ Education, Policy & Technology Conference next week in Corpus Christi. This year’s conference includes topics of interest to counties with large populations, such as Pandemic – What the Next Contagion Might Look Like…; Improve Employee Engagement – Improve Your Impact; and a panel discussion on disaster response and recovery.

BHDA Attorney David Mendez is also among this year’s presenters, with a presentation focusing on the potential for urban counties to utilize public improvement districts. Public Improvement Districts or “PIDs” are the current trend in residential real estate development in urban areas of Texas.  Although the PID concept has been utilized extensively by many cities within urban counties, relatively few counties have developed their own policies for working with developers on these projects. David’s presentation is scheduled for Thursday, January 11, at 4:00 p.m.

The Texas Conference of Urban Counties is a non-profit organization composed of 37 member counties that represent approximately 80% of Texas’ population. For additional information on the organization and this year’s conference, visit their website here.